Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Project Life Cycle - Team Building & Leadership Styles

Project Managers should be aware of typical team building dynamics and situational leadership style across a project life cycle.

Team Building: Forming => Storming => Norming => Performing => Adjourning
Leadership Style: Directing   =>   Coaching   =>   Facilitating   =>   Supporting
                             |----------------------------------------------------------------------->  Time
                           Initiating               Project Life Cycle               Closing

Team Building Stages

  • Forming: Creating the team
  • Storming: Team chaos as people start working with one another
  • Norming: Team behavior starts to normalize
  • Performing: Team performs as a unit
  • Adjourning: Team completes work and disbands

Situational Leadership Styles

  • Directing: Provide specific, clear instructions and closely supervise
  • Coaching: Solicit input, offer rationale and examples
  • Facilitating: Maintain team progress; delegate day-to-day control
  • Supporting: Support and motivate the team to complete objectives

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