Sunday, January 26, 2014

Agile [PMI - ACP] Workshop

Happy Republic Day Wishes to All!
I'm proud to be an Indian!

Agile Workshop:

I feel happy that i spent this weekend very useful by learning Agile[PMI-ACP] concepts through 2-days of workshop organized by Simplilearn. Sessions were very useful, made me to think through deeply in each concepts that we stepped-in and helped to come with more questions to clarify and to map with reality. Our Agile coach helped us to navigate all the areas in simple, and understandable way to register those in our mind all the time in a very interactive way. During the course we had a chance of experiencing to catch concepts by playing games, several noteworthy A/V contents, storyboard building exercises.

Though this Agile subject is not yet well recognized and accepted globally, my passionate towards learning this unknown concepts gives a way ahead to add value, strengthening skills, knowledge and confidence to compete with the demands in Software Industry of today and being in readiness for future state to practicing, and coaching teams.

Agile aspirants photo: Names from left to right - Raj, Sunil, Anand, Vasanth, Karthikeyan (coach), Balaji, Sathish, Rajesh (not in pic)

As part of the course contents we traversed all the areas that requires from the certification point of view. To list down few topics:

- Waterfall Vs Agile models
- Agile Manifesto & Principles
- Agile Methodologies
- SCRUM Life Cycle (SLC)
- Detailed walk through of SLC
- other Agile Methodologies

Out of the Box/Chair (Non-Subjective):

During the session i had observed a key prevention technique from all the participants (including me) that we took an internal break by standing out of the chair for 10-15 minutes to avoid long sitting and its impact (back ache, neck pain, obesity etc., considering the health benefits. This exercise either not discussed between us or instructed by anyone. In an average all the participants are at the age of 35+ years. In a way i was happy that i/we are maturated enough to take care of our health.