Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Diet to Lose Weight - Do's and Dont's

I believe most of us who are in the middle age groups are much worried nowadays on the words obesity, fat, putting on weight and so on so forth. All we know is throwing excuses or blame the situation or others, when we fail to follow and got out of track where we are ought to shape ourselves with regular diet on daily basis.  

Therefore, here i bring few points to ponder to lose your weight by regular diet at various events and stages in a list of Do's and Dont's to follow (it may not be in order, but digesting those points will help to make you fit). Trust me, this will help you a lot to attain the benefits. 

Its very important to consume less than 1K of calorie food per day. If you are very cautious to follow regular diet, be known to the measurements of calorie content. Also, You can choose on walking, swimming, skating, or any other workout for about 45 minutes per day.

The Do’s of weight loss diet:

  • Don’t miss your meals – A lot of people are of a view that if they miss on a meal / skip a meal, they will lose weight but that is not correct. Instead of losing weight, you end up eating more at the next meal. You would keep thinking about food all the time and will rather gain weight. Just eat right and you should be good. Place your food at 3 hours interval, and avoid anything that you know is not right.
  • Post Meal walks - Small steps can help in major results sometimes. Getting inactive after meals will only add up on the weight machine. You need to walk for at least 10 – 15 minutes after you finish your lunch as well as dinner. This will not only help in losing weight but also in maintaining your blood sugar levels.
  • Make a shopping list - If you shop from super markets, you should make a shopping list before you step in such stores. The colorful display of calorie laden mouth watering foods will make you forget about your health goals in less than a minute. It is wise to have a shopping list ready and to go by it.
  • Be wise - The smart marketing plans can easily fool anyone easily. Just because a particular murukku is made up of  ragi, or sugar/oil free products does not mean that it was not fried and will help you lose weight. Choose wisely. Read labels, pay attention on the ingredients used as well as the process of cooking involved.
  • Get your family or loved ones involved – It is always a good idea to get support from those who care for you. Let them know about your health goals. if your health goal is genuine and practical, you will get support from each one at home and that will serve as a perfect motivation for weight loss. Take your spouse / brother / sister or parent with you on walk, cook healthy and get everyone to eat the tasty salads along with their foods.
  • Watch your portion sizes - If you are a foodie type, i know how much you love food. The key does not lye in giving up on tasty food, but watching your portion size. It is a win-win situation where you get to eat tasty food of your like at the cost of minding your portion size.
  • Be practical - Instead of having a huge goal of losing 10 kgs in a month, Aim at losing 2 or 3 kgs. This is a practical and achievable goal. Keep trying and at the end of the month rewards your efforts by doing what you like. Go for a movie or a small trekking trip with friends.
  • Write it down - Using a diary or a smart phone application to record your walking, any physical activity or food (check google app store) intake will help you in understanding how you are holding up against your health goal and your efforts are helping you out to reach them. These applications also help you in motivating yourself towards reaching your health goal.

The Don’ts of weight loss diet:

  • Diet or exercise –  The word “OR” does not fit well in between diet and exercise. The combination of both Diet and exercise is the best you can do for achieving your weight loss goal. Only dieting, or, only exercising for weight loss is really not enough. (Sometimes i have to ignore this point and live with "OR" due to my own physical limitations).
  • Do not depend on Crash (GM) Diets –   There are hundreds of crash diets out there and none of them is really healthy to help you achieve your nutrition. These small term diets will only harm your health and the weight loss is only temporary. Sooner or later it will all come back.
  • Don’t become emotional eaters - If you are upset or stressed or depressed about anything, go out and solve that problem with poise and calm and do not get carried away with comfort foods (sometimes i do). They only end up increasing your troubles and weight.
  • Don’t miss breakfast – As mentioned earlier, missing on any meal is not an ideal way to lose weight. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and is definitely not to be missed. Apart from the nutrition perspective it is also important to consider that the appetite of a person who misses on breakfast grows up to be enormous and the imbalance in food intake causes nutritional imbalances.

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