Saturday, December 28, 2013

2013 - Year in Review

2013: Its been wonderful and memorable year in my life. All my prayers have come true to fulfill my wishes with a blessing of my son - "Hrithik": From The Heart. A long waiting dreams have come in to play as like any other common man who passes through his life cycle. I had been wondering whether i would be of one to enjoy the moments or would go vain ? I admit that i'm a rationalist than atheist and I trust now than the belief - The existence of God since he heard my prayers and blessed my wishes. My life starts as fresh and continuing to move freely to swing again at a speed of pendulum knowingly it does not stop for longer. I'm thanking God for a wonderful gift through my wife taking all the pain.

My Dreams:

There were happiest moments in this year.. However, I had to meet the surging wave in short time as an effect of negative karma's which sailed again in my life to prove my physical abilities. Though, i control myself to simple living of life, I had been further limited at a cost of life time which is a threat and challenge to live my life. I feel like i'm handicapped at a young age at both physically and mentally. I take it positively as there are more like me who still live to lead and prove themselves. Now, I changed my dreams knowing my limits to redefine my destiny.  Its up to my physical limits and efforts where and what to compromise on my way to shape my dreams come true.

Every guy in this world on a race with responsibilities and each one has uniqueness in their personalities. The way he/she lives of stages - Simple, Icon, Star and Legend. I failed to stay/achieve my childhood dream being on 2nd stage since i could not keep/do my responsibilities. The question to me is will i move ahead to 3rd stage in near future by stepping through each stage again successfully? My Heart says Why Not? You can do it but my Mind reminds me that i'm handicapped. I know i have to control my mind first to shout at: "Hey Listen To My Heart! and I have all the Guts to DO IT!"

Successful Life Thoughts! Very Much Inspiring!!

Now this is your time.. To do something with your LIFE.
Think about yourself..
Think about your FUTURE.
Start to realize your DREAMS.. and make your life SUCCESSFUL.
Just make the first STEP.. make the most logical CHOICE and then MOVE ON with your life.
Strive to realize your full POTENTIAL.
Everyday there's an OPPORTUNITY waiting to be discovered.
if you believe in something..just GO for it.
Spread your wings and soar high and don't be afraid to fall.
Remember - ACTION is a key to success.
Think what you want to do.. get STARTED.. and DO IT WELL.
Be not afraid to make a CHANGE. Make a difference in everything you do.
set your own GOALS.. work hard.. overcome every obstacle.
Turn the impossible into POSSIBLE success.
WIN your life RACE!

My Promise: 

Last but not the least.. I have been away from my blogs this year.. I promise that i'm back now to share effective and valuable blogging continuously and frequently with interesting subjects from now on.

My New Year Wishes to All!

As the New Year dawns..
May it bring for you promises of..
New GOALS to REACH and

2014: Happy New Year to you and your Family!

Jai Hind!

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