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ITIL - Glossary and Abbreviations - Link

ITIL - Glossary and Abbreviations

Glossary terms and definitions



Formal agreement that an IT service,

process, plan or other deliverable is

complete, accurate, reliable and meets its

specified requirements. Acceptance is

usually preceded by change evaluation or

testing and is often required before

proceeding to the next stage of a project or

process. See also service acceptance


access management
(ITIL Service Operation) The process

responsible for allowing users to make use of

IT services, data or other assets. Access

management helps to protect the

confidentiality, integrity and availability of

assets by ensuring that only authorized users

are able to access or modify them. Access

management implements the policies of

information security management and is

sometimes referred to as rights management

or identity management.

account manager
(ITIL Service Strategy) A role that is very

similar to that of the business relationship

manager, but includes more commercial

aspects. Most commonly used by Type III

service providers when dealing with external


(ITIL Service Strategy) The process

responsible for identifying the actual costs of

delivering IT services, comparing these with

budgeted costs, and managing variance from

the budget.

accounting period
(ITIL Service Strategy) A period of time

(usually one year) for which budgets,

charges, depreciation and other financial

calculations are made. See also financial


Officially authorized to carry out a role. For

example, an accredited body may be

authorized to provide training or to conduct



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