Sunday, February 26, 2012

SCi-Fi Addiction..

Am a die-hard fan of Discovery, National Geographic & History channels from my teen-hood. I have been detained out to watch the programs from these many channels for last one and half year since i was out of country and quite busy with my work.

However, i used to be get connected in between the wee hours and during the travel time to office from mobile. But, the experience from hand-held screen is not very effective and not up-to-date. May be my hunt was not optimal either for my mobile device or ODP.

As am back to my country am free to do my own way of living. I believe i would be in control of my time management and keeping the limits of spending time to watch those programs after my prime work.

Hoping to get under control of nostalgia to panacea!!

East or West India is the Best!!

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